RSCO Feature: Council for Exceptional Children


Katy Vaccariello, Staff writer

This week’s RSCO campus spotlight features the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). This club is overseen by Taylor Cavaretta, a senior Early Childhood and Special Education major, as the club president.

The main purpose of the club is to advance the successes of children with exceptionalities. The club members create and run events that connect with the special community and fellow organizations in the area. In addition, they enact the Mercy Mission in everything they do.

Cavaretta shares the responsibilities of running a group full of passion about the community involvement.
“Our club is more than just a way to get involved on campus. We participate in a lot of community outreach — especially with the Barber National Institute and Special Olympics of Pennsylvania,” Cavaretta said.

“Participating in our club’s events gets you involved with the surrounding community and carries out the Mercy Mission into the communities that need it most.”

The board includes Kelli Deighan as vice president, Lauren Golonka as secretary, Sienna Vogel as treasurer and Joanne Pringle and Hunter Reiff as the Special Olympics chairs. The entire club is overseen by Susan Johnson, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Education.

There are two major events that take place each year. The first event is the Beast on the Bay. The club volunteers its members to help set up and work the event. There is an obstacle course for the entire community to get involved in at Waldameer Park in the beginning of September every year.

The second major event facilitated by the club is with Special Olympics. This event is held every year at the beginning of February and is organized by the CEC and Special Olympics of Pennsylvania. This event brings children with special needs to Peek ‘n Peak in New York to get out on the slopes for a little competitive fun.

The Special Olympics Chairs take the lead on this event.

Reiff, a sophomore Early Childhood and Special Education major, is one of the chairs who organizes the club’s role in the event.

“This is a truly inspiring event that we have the pleasure of running each year. Each time I get involved, I learn a lot from it,” Reiff said.

It is easy to see that this club loves to get involved with the children of the community. If you have an interest or similar passion as the members of the club, you should check out their work or contact the officers.