Why I personally love basketball

Nash Greeven, Staff Writer

Basketball is one of the most exciting sports to watch, in large part because of the sense of competition.

There’s so much competition surrounding basketball. It has the kind of excitement that brings all the fans in cheering.

The game of basketball is an exciting sport in large part because of the screaming sidelines.

The game starts, and the first thing you hear is the roar of the fans, yelling from both sides of the court.

Fierce rivals face off and cheer for their team.

Each crazed fan is chanting along, hoping it will help their team win the victory.

It creates an infectious energy, that’s for sure.

But above all the screaming fans, the one to listen for is the coach.

If you listen closely, you can hear one of the coaches as they scream for their team to hustle back on defense.

This is going on while the other coach screeches for their team to swing the ball and look for an open pass.

The players hear the roar of the crowd and the screams of their coaches.

However, in the moment of the game, all the noise blends together. Ultimately, it fades out into nothing.

It comes down to two teams giving it their all hoping to make a three-pointer, and everybody is on edge.

Needless to say, this atmosphere is one of the big reasons I love the sport.

In basketball, a split second decision can determine the entire game, but it’s far from the only factor.

There are so many factors to winning a game.

One is how the teams’ defense and offense play.

There’s also how well the unit executes the plays.

Then there is how many fouls a specific team makes, as well as the opposing teams free throws.

Limiting fouls and making their free throw shots is crucial in basketball.

All these make a significant impact on winning or losing the game.

They make the game dynamic and exciting. No two matches will be the same.

I was very excited when I saw the March Madness bracket this year.

To me, it is the best feeling filling out your brackets and competing among all your friends.

Then, the next day is finding out your bracket has gone down the trash.

I feel basketball is a sport for everybody.

People can come together and enjoy the sport without much knowledge of how the game operates at all.

You can even find a team to root for.

Personally, I am a fan of the Lakers.

I know that everyone has their fair share of opinions about the Lakers.

But as I said before, I’m a definite fan.

I was super sad when the Lakers went on a losing streak, but I get it. Losing streaks are a reality of basketball, after all.

However, its amazing when you get to watch an underdog team come together, and rise the basketball ranks that you never saw coming.

Like Auburn in the NCAA bracket, for example.

I never saw it coming, but it happened!