About Hurst Day Hype

Kali Beutler, Staff Writer

All students that attend Mercyhurst know we are different than any other college or university in the nation.

And we also all know that among the many things that make us unique, one stands out: Hurst Day.

Ever since I started considering Mercyhurst, it stood up against schools that would be much easier on me academically.

But what really appealed to me was Hurst Day: a day, randomly chosen by President Victor in which classes are cancelled for the day and students are invited to partake in a day full of games, food, and friendship.

Hurst Day may be considered annoying for those whom are looking forward to class, but I and many others have a crazy amount of love for the day.

I am currently a sophomore, and in my freshman year here at Mercyhurst, I got to experience Hurst Day for myself.

Many guessed the date time and time again, and of course we were all completely shocked when we heard the bagpipes outside Ryan Hall in the morning.

We soon headed out to the front of Old Main to watch the scavenger hunters take off on their adventure, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to witness this, I recommend signing up for a team or at least going to watch.

The day, although rainy, was full of good food, fun games, and making friends.

My favorite part of Hurst Day has to be the steak dinner.

It makes students feel a little touch of home cooking when usually all we get is dining hall food.

I love the fact that Hurst Day simply gives students a day to relax and unwind, but President Victor puts a spin on it by providing us with super fun activities to do!

What is most fun about Hurst day is the anticipation leading up to it, such as cool lead-up videos that President Victor makes, and that there is the same surprise and excitement every year.

This year, I have heard many students already talking about the arrival of the beloved Hurst Day.

There is always much speculation.

The biggest question is: Which day of the week will it be?

Not on a Tuesday or Thursday, that would put us behind in class.

Not on a Monday or Friday, that would give us a 3 day weekend.

Whats the weather going to be like, what food will there be?

No matter how many questions spring up in the pre-Hurst Day buzz, one thing is for certain: Hurst Day this year will be as amazing this year as any other.

For me personally, I’m excited for Hurst Day.

I hope there will be returning games this year such as the bounce houses and group games, while also hoping that Hurst Day brings something new such as a dunk tank.

What would you like to see at Hurst Day this year?

Have fun and keep up the excitement, Lakers.