Celebrating Hurst Day

Sarah Klein, Staff Writer

My third Hurst Day has come and gone!

After three years I am able to reflect on past Hurst Days and see how the beloved tradition has continued to evolve.

After a rainy Hurst Day 2018, this year’s beautiful weather was more than welcome.

The warmth and sun of mid-September is perfect for a day of food and activities around campus, and I preferred having Hurst Day earlier in the semester, as opposed to October, as it has been for the previous two years.

The weather is more likely to be ideal and I like being able to have Hurst Day before my classes start having more tests, projects and presentations that may be interrupted by the day off.

Regardless of when Hurst Day falls, it is always my favorite day of the Fall Semester!

Just as Thanksgiving Break gives us a reprieve before finals, Hurst Day is a nice rest before mid-terms begin.

Besides being a day off, Hurst Day is a great way to help build community, especially between the different classes and between students and faculty and administration.

My day started out with being surprised with an extra hour of sleep, which I always appreciate.

My roommates and I participated in the scavenger hunt, so we were in the Mary Garden by 9:45 am to begin the day’s activities.

Compared to past years’ clues, I liked how the clues for the first round were trivia questions that were not impossible but also presented a bit of a challenge.

However, where we had to go for each location was farther than before.

Although this made it more challenging for more athletic students, it presented an even greater challenge for others.

Tired from the first round, my roommates and I began the second round of the scavenger hunt which consisted of taking selfies at various locations around campus.

However, this was not especially difficult in terms of finding where to take the picture, but rather it came down to how fast you could get there.

Following the scavenger hunt, we changed into our Hurst Day shirts and headed over to the center of campus to enjoy the rest of the day!

The theme of the year was games, which I found to be unique and fun.

There were several different food options and definitely something for everyone.

The inflatable activities being offered has expanded over the years.

New activities such as bumper cars made the day new and exciting, even for upperclassmen who have experienced several Hurst Days.

Overall, I had a great Hurst Day and enjoyed the three-day weekend!

Hurst Day continues to get better and better each year!

I am both excited and sad for my fourth and final Hurst Day next year!