Laker Asset Management

Laker Asset Management

Maria Williams, Features editor

Laker Asset Management is a business club that manages a $100,000 portfolio. They were able to get these funds from the university endowment committee. This is $100,000 of the schools money

“In 2017, we went to the endowment committee, which is made up of investors in the university and other experienced people in the markets that manage the schools money and we pitched them the idea of having students run a portfolio for practice purposes,” junior Business and Finance major, Drew Hoover said.

LAM, as they call it, is all about investments. “In order to teach students how to invest we have different investing activities to get students’ feet in the door,” Hoover said.

The goal of this club is to teach students about investing. This can be a part of these students everyday life. It teaches them a life skill.
Each semester they have a theme for the investments. “In the past, we have done smart manufacturing. We invested in Microsoft or Oracle,” Hoover said.

There need to be a significant research done when picking which companies to invest in. They research what the company does and how it fits the theme of the year. There is a huge risk involved. A $100,000 risk to be exact.
The club also has many opportunities and events for those wanting to learn more about investments.

Last year, the club took seven students to New York City to visit different investment companies and learn more about the real word of investments.
“We met with Goldman Sachs, Blackrock and Federated Investors.” Hoover said.
They learned more about the everyday lives of the men and women working for these companies.“We were able to chat with them for a couple hours about what they do within their company.”

They were also received a lot of advice on life in general on this trip.
In the future, they are planning a trip to Pittsburgh.There are several financial companies based out of the city and will benefit those in the group. “It is New York City on a smaller scale.” Hoover said.

They also may plan another New York trip if there is enough funding. It is an opportunity you cannot miss.

If you are interesed in joining LAM, reach out to the executive board members and check out their website at You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.