Make a club mocktail

Marina Boyle, Managing editor

This year as part of Alcohol Awareness Week, the Campus Involvement Center will host “Mocktail Hour.” Mocktail Hour will take place in the Student Union on Oct. 30, where students will have the chance to try themed mocktails from a variety of RSCOs.
The event aims to build awareness about safe drinking habitsand responsible alcohol consumption. However, the medium of getting this message across is fun one. Any RSCO can sign up to have a station at the event with their own theme and costumes and a mocktail to match their theme.
These drinks will be served to the students and staff who attend, and students can also sign up to join any of the clubs that serve them.
Mocktails can be recipes that already exist, or themed drinks created by the club members.
Of the clubs signed up so far, Irish Club is excited to take part.

“Irish Club is ready to take part in the Campus Involvement Center’s Alcohol Awareness Week event. We hope that the drink we make reflects the Irish culture, especially since the event is in October and Halloween is a traditional Irish pagan event,” club secretary, junior Intelligence Studies major Michelle Benedetti said.

The Campus Involvement Center will provide cups, ice, tablecloths and access to electricity for set up. RSCOs can also apply for funding to get the ingredients and decorations they need.

As well as being an educational event for the student body, RSCOs can win a host of prizes. Prizes will be from Papa John’s, Pop Luck, or The Roost, and RSCOs can compete in the categories of Best Costume, Best Mocktail and Most Creative Theme.

The other activities for alcohol education include a pouring activity to test student’s knowledge of alcohol units, the opportunity to wear drunk goggles and a trivia game with giveaways and prizes.

It is not too late to get your club involved. Signups are open until Oct. 11 and all interested board members can email to reserve a table for their club.

All students who wish to just attend and take part are also highly encouraged to do so!