RSCO Feature: Fashion Law Club


Katy Vaccariello, Staff writer

there’s a new club on the block this 2019-2020 school year and that is Fashion Law Club. What started out as piqued interest in a fashion class, turned into a great opportunity for students all across campus to learn the ins and outs of the legal field in a unique way.
The club was kick started by its president Shannon Gotham, a sophomore Fashion and Political Science double major.

When asked why she started the club Gotham said, “everyone [in Intro to Fashion class] seemed really interested in fashion law and I approached Amy about how much I enjoyed fashion law. I pitched the idea of a club to her and talked to several people to see if there was interest in it both in the fashion major and across campus. We decided it was big enough that it shouldn’t be a subset of Fashion Council but needed to be its own club to do it justice.”

Once the club was official, several students stepped in to get the club off the ground. Five women filled the positions of the board. Abby Boras, a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major, became vice president position. Sarah Fertal, a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major, took on the treasurer position. Hannah Bill, a junior Fashion Merchandising major, filled the secretary position. Abigail Widger, a senior Marketing and Accounting double major, signed up for the Social Media Coordinator position. Overseeing the entire operation is Amy Weaver-Kaulis, the Fashion Merchandising Department Chair and assistant professor.

Many may question what Fashion Law Club is all about. It is a chance to learn the ins and outs of law, that can be applied to the fashion world or other industries. The club provides a platform for students of any major to share a personal experience or topic of interest with other attendees.

The excitement continues through great fundraising and activities the club is shooting for. A few of those include the chance to travel to a law firm in Toronto, a fundraiser with Moe’s, and bringing in speakers from the industry.

The meetings for Fashion Law are held once or twice a month. Each meeting will have a new topic to appeal to a variety of members. Different elements will be incorporated at each meeting from hands-on activities to videos to case studies to keep meetings unique. There may even be a chance to win prizes through Kahoot.

The pressure of the words “fashion law” are not meant to scare anyone away. This community was created for everyone to feel welcome.
For more information follow them on Instagram @mufashion, where all the updates will be posted.