Celebrating Halloween

Bella Lee, Staff writer

October is, at long last, among us.

This means witnessing the change in foliage color, feeling the temperature drop and most importantly, anticipating Halloween.

But does Mercyhurst as a campus celebrate Halloween enough?

I am a first-year student here, so I haven’t experienced many of the festivities surrounding Halloween.

However, from scrolling through social media and the new Mercyhurst University Hub, it is obvious that Mercyhurst loves Halloween.

The Multicultural Activities Council and the Student Activities Council (MAC/SAC) have two events planned for this coming weekend.

On Friday, the Hallohurst Dance Party will occur.

In all my years of attending school, I never heard of or attended a Halloween-themed dance, so this sounds very exciting.

But that’s not the only Halloween-themed event happening on campus in the runup to the titular holiday.

The following day, Saturday, Haunted Hurst arrives on campus.

From what I heard from older students on campus, Haunted Hurst is an event that involves ghost tours through Old Main and Egan Hall, among other activities.

I haven’t heard much about these stories, so I can’t wait to finally find out what this is all about.

MAC/SAC isn’t the only organization that’s holding Halloween fun here at Mercyhurst, however.

The Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst, or AIM, is throwing a party specifically for its students on Sunday.

This party will include its own costume contest, which sounds like a whole lot of fun to me.

On the same day, the Senior Class Gift committee is hosting a pancake breakfast in the lobby of the Center for Academic Engagement.

On Monday, the Grotto Commons is hosting a pumpkin carving contest.

All of this and so much more is arriving at Mercyhurst University as Halloween approaches.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved Halloween, especially dressing up and receiving tons of candy while trick-or-treating.

From everything I’ve seen and heard throughout my life, everyone seems to love Halloween.

I can’t wait to find out what fun these festivities hold as the school comes together to celebrate one of the most anticipated holidays of the entire year.