After Mercyhurst

Anthony Miller, Opinion Editor

I think we should introduce graduate school as a potential path forward for students much earlier than we do.

It feels as if graduate school is largely ignored until students hit senior year, at which point, it becomes one of the major subjects you’re expected to have an opinion on.

I know it’s ironic to complain about needing to have an opinion in the opinion section, but the issue is that students are not given enough information about graduate school early enough.

I’ve talked to many seniors who don’t know what graduate school even is beyond the broadest of the broad strokes.

Then, when those students hit senior year, they’re supposed to intuitevly know everything about it, and what it would mean for them to pursue it.

I think that there are several ways for this to be corrected.

Maybe something like iMU could cover paths forward after graduation, with graduate school being one of the options covered.

iMU already teaches students much of what they need to know to function on a campus like Mercyhurst, why not introduce them to what they can do after they graduate?

I think there could also be more resources avaliable on campus to discuss graduate school.

While they exist right now, they are fairly limited when compared to something like career counseling.

While this isn’t the biggest issue in the world, it is still something worth talking about.

I firmly believe that introducing graduate school as an option to students early could help them better prepare for the future after they graduate from Mercyhurst.