MU creates dog tags for veterans

MU creates dog tags for veterans

Victoria McGinty, Staff writer

Mercyhurst University is widely known for its values for tradition and service. In light of Veterans Day, the two Principles of Marketing Classes currently in session within the Walker College of Business are launching a marketing campaign in support of our veterans.

This initiative will include the distribution of special Veterans Day Commemorative Dog Tags to the entire Mercyhurst University Community. The dog tags, created by the students, will be distributed throughout the month of October. This campaign is very special to Mercyhurst because this event is the first of its kind and its purpose will ultimately unite the Mercyhurst community and the Erie community to honor our veterans and celebrate those who served.

Peter Correa, faculty member in the Walker School of Business, first introduced the concept of this project from past experience. Correa served in the United States Army from 1968- 1996. First enrolled at the brink of Vietnam, Correa represented America at a powerful era in our nation’s history.

Throughout his time on active duty, Correa has lived in over 19 different places throughout the world, including Panama, Germany and now Erie. During Vietnam, Correa was stationed at the West Point Military Academy in New York, while also pursuing a Bachelor’s in Engineering.

Following the war, Correa lived all over the world and eventually got married and started a family. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Finance. Throughout his career, Correa obtained the status of 2nd Lieutenant Colonel and explored a range of opportunities including Airborne Ranger status. While this academic year marks Correa’s first year here at Mercyhurst, Correa hopes that this event will provide his students with a visual symbol of both an appreciation and support for veterans.

This dog tag event acts as a symbol to bring awareness and support to the Erie community. “This event to me is a project that acts as an interesting way to show solidarity for our country and also is a visual to remind ourselves of our nation’s military,” Correa said. The dog tag itself combines an iconic military tradition along with the traditions of Mercyhurst.

“My amazing Marketing students have spearheaded this initiative and they stand ready to initiate their distribution plan to every member of our Mercyhurst University learning community,” Correa said. This project includes the distribution of over 5,000 of these custom dog tags, to every person on the Mercyhurst campus, as well as the members of the Erie community.

For everyone who has these dog tags, it is requested that they be worn every day from Nov. 1 through Nov. 11, as a way to showcase visible support for all of our veterans.

Additionally, Correa plans to distribute tags to any and all veterans on campus and also to veterans down the road at the Erie VA Medical Center, just half of a mile away from campus. For any additional questions regarding this project, please reach out to Correa at