Mercyhurst continues MU Food Pantry

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Not every college student has the privilege of eating three meals a day while living on campus.

First-year students at Mercyhurst are rewarded with unlimited swipes at the Grotto Commons or the 501 Grille, but older students, who may have fewer swipes on their meal plans or may not even have a meal plan at all, have to rely on meals prepared at home to keep on going.

However, expenses for groceries can easily grow, and trying to pay off any student loans that may be coming, plus juggling classes, clubs and sports, can easily make it difficult for one to make at rip to the nearest grocery store to pick up food and supplies.

Luckily, Mercyhurst has provid- ed an answer to this problem with the newly created Food Pantry.

“The MU Pantry officially began after spring break in the spring of 2019,”GregBaker,Vice President for Mission Integration ,Ph.D,said of the pantry he helped spearhead.

“A variety of employees started this initiative last year as they became aware of students on both Mercyhurst campuses who struggled with food insecurity. Most of these employees are Mercy Emissaries, a group of employees who are particularly committed to living out the mission and values of the university.”

Baker further explains that the Food Pantry can benefit anyone on campus.

“MU Pantry food and hygiene itemsareavailableonaweekly basis to any students on our MU campuses. The best way to con- tribute at the moment is to spread the word to ensure that students who need this resource are taking advantage of it,” Baker said. Food is not the only thing that the food pantry accepts. “Monetary donations can be sent to me.If our weekly volume increases at some point in the future, we might begin taking donations of specific food and hygiene items, but we are not prepared to do that just yet,” Baker said.

Food insecurity is an important and serious situation throughout all college campuses. Students who are unable to eat as much as usual may be prone to being more tired, falling behind in classes or becoming sick more often.

If you are struggling with food insecurity or would like to help contribute to this cause, do not hesitate to contact Baker or Colin Hurley, Director of Community Engagement.