New at Hurst


Alex Trabold, Staff writer

Recently, Mercyhurst University has welcomed Fred Hoffman, Ph.D. into it’s ranks, as an Assistant Professor in Intelligence Studies. As a new member of the University’s faculty, Hoffman has a lot of experiences and advice to give to the students here.

His hobbies include foreign languages, motorcycle riding, photography and weight lifting. He fits his new position as he’s had a long and colorful history working in the U.S. Intelligence community.

“I spent 30 years as a human intelligence officer in the intelligence community, working for the Army, Defense Intelligence Agency and several other organizations. I served in 28 countries, to include in Afghanistan and in the Balkans,” Hoffman said.

He then proceeded to spend seven years in the private sector as a competitive intelligence practitioner. He even experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall firsthand when he was stationed in West Berlin as a young intelligence officer.

For Halloween, he dressed up as an East German paratrooper and even gave classes in that outfit. His position here at Mercyhurst isn’t his first teaching job though.

In fact, he has many certificates and experience within this field.

“Prior to coming to Mercyhurst in August, I was an Associate Professor of Military Science at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. I have a Doctor of Science in Information Systems and Communications from Robert Morris University, a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from National Intelligence University, a Master of Arts in Asian Studies (Chinese) from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Lawrence University, Appleton, WI,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman also has advice to help students figure out their careers and get on the right track during and after college. His words are not only useful but should be considered common courtesy for any student who wants to develop good work ethic and a secure career. “Life is all about relationships and networking! Start building and cultivating both now, and you will reap personal and professional rewards later…and probably much sooner than you’d imagine. Learn how to “backward plan!” For me, a huge key to success has been the ability to plan, schedule and budget my time effectively. Be goal-oriented, but at the same time, appreciate and cherish the present,” Hoffman said.

Here at Mercyhurst, the staff encourages both having focus on your daily plans and career goals while also being sure to “Carpe Diem.” Welcome, Fred Hoffman!