Hurst walks ‘A Mile in Her Shoes’


Karrah Savage, Staff writer

The “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event took place at Mercyhurst on Oct. 24 in front of the Sr. Carolynn Hermann Student Union.

The premise of the event is that men on campus put on a pair of red high heels and walk around holding signs that show support for women by literally walking in their shoes. It was one of the many annual events held to shed light on domestic violence. Signs were held while men and some women walked around campus wearing high heels. Some of the signs said, “Boys will be boys who respect women!” and “She is someone.”

Other signs along the walking route listed various statistics and ways to prevent sexual violence. Staff and students participated in the event.

Some participants were Megan McKenna, director of Residence Life and Student Conduct, academic support counselor Kyle Shoulders, and the Mercyhurst Football team.

Football was just one of many teams that participated in the walk.

“We as men have to publicly stand with women to support them,” senior Psychology major Mats Röhrken said.

The hope for this event is to bring attention to domestic violence, especially at a university. By gathering both faculty, staff and students together to raise awareness of such an important issue, it allows a conversation to begin.

By starting the conversation, the hope is to provide a sense of community where people are seen as equals and are respected

. This event is important because “domestic violence is a major issue that needs awareness,” said senior Hospitality Management major, Eljon Williams Jr.

Thank you to all the men and women who participated in the walk! From last year to this year there was an immense increase in walkers which shows the growing support for the cause. Remember that this event may be once a year but this issue is ongoing, so it is important to stand with women each and every day