Sister spotlight: Sr. Katherine Preston

Ashley Carr, Staff writer

Sr. Katherine Preston works at the front desk of Ryan Hall, where she greets everyone who passes with a smile and a hello. Always eager to engage in conversation, she loves to interact with anyone who takes a moment to stop by her desk, where she has worked for the past year.

Originally from East Brady, PA, she did not consider Religious life until it was suggested to her in eighth grade by her teacher, who was a Sister, during confirmation classes.

After several retreats, including two summer programs at Mercyhurst, she saw in herself what her teacher did years previously, and decided to apply to become a Sister.

After becoming a Sister, and getting her degree at Mercyhurst, Sr. Katherine became a teacher throughout the diocese, teaching religion and social studies to a variety of grades, particularly elementary school. She eventually worked her way up to becoming a principal, and worked in a number of Erie schools, such as St. Luke’s, St. George’s and surrounding schools such as Dubois and Warren. Her small hometown has since lost some of her fondest nostalgic spots, including her high school and the drive in movie theater.

“I love the beauty of the campus, and this fall, and the spring is absolutely gorgeous. And it’s a welcoming place,” Sr. Katherine said. “Be the best possible student you can be, and right now this is your job, to get the best grades that you can get, and do your best,” Sr. Katherine, said as advice she would give to students.

“It’s your generation of women and men who will change our world and make it a better place.” Make sure you stop and say “hello” to Sr. Katherine when you see her in Ryan Hall