Hurst’s last Holiday keepsake


Gillian Mazur, Staff writer

With the holidays fast approaching, Mercyhurst University is offering the sixth and final piece to the Mercyhurst Keepsake collection through Dec. 13.

Since 2014, the Mercyhurst Office of Advancement has worked in collaboration with The Cat’s Meow, a female-owned and operated company out of Wooster, Ohio to create and sell wooden replica keepsakes of the school’s most notable places. With six pieces total in the collection, anyone can easily build themselves their very own mini Mercyhurst to reminisce about the good times one had during their college years.

Designed and printed on ¾” thick wood, this year’s keepsake depicts Trinity Green and the clock tower surrounded by flowers. To obtain the Trinity Green keepsake, a minimum donation of $20 can be made to the Mercyhurst Annual Fund at

All previous year’s keepsakes are also available for purchase while supplies last, you can buy all six with a $120 donation, via credit or debit card. Past keepsakes include Old Main/O’Neil Tower (2014), the Grotto (2015), Christ the King Chapel (2016), the Gates (2017) and the Performing Arts Center (2018).

With the proceeds benefiting the Mercyhurst Annual Fund, a critical role is fulfilled in helping to maintain the success of the University and allow the school maximum flexibility to fund the areas of greatest need each year. Donations are directed towards six major areas, Area of Greatest Need, Academics and the Library, Arts and Culture, Athletics, Catholic Mercy and Mission, and Scholarships and Financial Aid. Donors can also specify within their donation if they would like their money directed to a specific area.

For example, if an alumnus used to dance, they could direct their donation to Arts and Culture to further benefit their past area of interest.

“I think that they’re really great little knickknacks to have. Alumni love them, but even current students might find interest if a certain place on campus has a special meaning for them” Megan Stubbs, Graduate Assistant in the Office of Advancement said.

Stubbs, also in charge of the annual Mercyhurst Phonathon said, “Alumni really like the concept of these keepsakes because they can ‘build their own Mercyhurst’ right inside their home.”

A unique collector’s item, not only do the little blocks of wood depict places on campus, but they also contain information about the history of each location. Additionally, within each piece, The Cat’s Meow hides a small black cat for the owner to find in the design. A home within your home, it is projected that the keepsakes will sell fast, so make sure to buy your mini Hurst today