Students opinion regarding Disney+

Victoria Mcginty, Staff Writer

On Nov. 12, many of us reconnected with our inner child as the streaming service Disney+ was officially released to the public.

Needless to say, many people, myself included, were ecstatic to reconnect with our childhoods.

Along with all of the classics like “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical,” Disney+ introduced an array of original series.

Examples of original series include a spin-off of the aforementioned “High School Musical,” aptly titled: “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

This spin-off takes place in 2019 and centers around a new generation of teenagers going to school at East High putting on a production of, wait for it, “High School Musical.”

The series is ultimately a cringe-worthy attempt at modernizing a classic, iconic film that defined our generation and if you’re like me, you watch the series because it’s so bad it’s funny.

Along with all of our favorite Disney shows, almost every Disney movie is featured on the service as well.

Disney+ has a healthy variety of classic films and shows fit for every age.

If you can think of a Disney movie or TV show, it’s there.

Even before you try searching, the interface serves up plenty of suggestions, including a great mix of nostalgia and Disney Channel one-hit-wonder shows.

With the iconic Disney vault being unlocked by the House of Mouse, Disney+ gives older generations and millennials alike a rush of nostalgia.

It also offers things that most viewers have not seen before, such as obscure old Disney shorts.

Disney+ also allows younger and upcoming generations to become enriched in Disney’s living history in film.

While the days of Disney on VHS are behind us, Disney+ offers the opportunity for families, college students, and younger children to take part in the rich legacy that Disney holds in our culture.

I think getting a Disney+ subscription was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

I can without hesitation admit that I’ve spent the last two weeks of my life watching “Hannah Montana,” “The Simpsons” and “Lizzie McGuire” during any free time that I had.

One of the only shortcomings there is when it comes to this new streaming service is that there are several shows and movies missing.

This includes “The Mighty Ducks,” “The Proud Family” and many others.

Secondly, while I can’t speak to this for every place on campus, I can say that in my personal experience Disney+ fails to cooperate with the Laker Vapor services and as a result, comes up as a disconnect on my television in Baldwin.

Otherwise, the only way I can stream the service lately is on my phone while disconnected from the university’s WiFi.

This, naturally, makes Disney+ hard to properly stream.

Despite these faults, however, Disney+ is nonetheless a gift from heaven above.

Many others, including myself, look forward to the future success of the service under the House of Mouse.