New at Hurst


Maria Williams, Features editor

There have been several new additions to the Mercyhurst campus this year. One of them includes Joe Adserias-Garriga, DDS, Ph.D. Adserias- Garriga is the new associate professor in the Department of Applied Forensic Sciences.

“I’m a Forensic Anthropologist and Forensic Odontologist from Spain, where I directed and lectured in different postgraduate programs in forensic sciences,” Adserias-Garriga said.

When in Spain, Adserias- Garriga worked for the Catalonian Police. “

In Barcelona, I was an external advisor of the Catalonian Police, who honored me for my contribution the forensic anthropology and odontology casework. I’m an ABFO Diplomate, and member of the INTERPOL DVI Odontology Sub working Group and INTERPOL DVI Pathology/ Anthropology Sub working Group,” Adserias- Garriga said.

Working with the police and forensics is not the only thing that she enjoys. She also loves to swim and run.

“I just love open water swimming, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, and I enjoy so much with 5K, 10K, half marathons, and triathlons,” Adserias- Garriga said.

She also loves spending time with her family and friends. Before coming to Mercyhurst, Adserias- Garriga worked at Texas State University. She also worked to identify remains found near the U.S. and Mexican border. But she says that job does not compare to her job at Mercyhurst. She loves it.

She advises students, “Never be afraid of doing what you love. And whatever you do, do it with all your love.” Adserias- Garriga is loving here time at Mercyhurst so far and feels so welcomed. She even is enjoying the cold weather.

“I can’t express with words how blessed I am working with this amazing team. Dr Dirkmaat, my coworkers and the students welcomed me in an exceptional way, and all of them with no exceptions are making me feel so embraced at the department. I use to say that Erie is a cold place, where its people make it warm.” AdseriasGarriga said. Welcome to Mercyhurst!