Writer responds to rebuttal

I would like to start off by thanking Travis for a good and thoughtful rebuttal. It is sad that such quality was missing from the college.

I would agree with most of Travis’ statements, especially his views on tradition and faith and his citing of the 8th Commandment.

Where I disagree with Travis is the idea of experience. Personally, as I am sure many agree, I believe college is a place where an individual grows to become a well-rounded adult, and college should be one of the safest places for an individual to do that.

I believe learning about love and meaningful relationships is one of those things that are learned in this process. If you are one of the few that are held and bound by your faith and believe you won’t commit a violation of the 8th Commandment and mistakenly have sex before marriage, then great.

However, I am sure that mistakes happen and one’s judgment in college is not always perfect. In such a situation the college can step up and ensure that the safety of the students is upheld. In this case provide STD testing at the health center along with condoms.

I do not see it being such of an issue, even if you try to make an argument under a religious veil.