Running Club

Sarah Klein, Staff writer

For anyone who loves to run and wants to spend time with others who share the same interest, Running Club is for you!
Founded this past fall semester, in October 2019, Running Club was created by sophomore Early Childhood/Special Education major Alexis Bell when she realized that Mercyhurst did not have a club devoted to running.
“Working out is sometimes hard to do alone but having people around you will create a lot of motivation and friendships along the way,” Bell said.
There are three components to Running Club: running, jogging and walking. No matter what level of intensity you are looking for there is always someone to join you. During the warmer months, the group gets outside as much as possible, splitting into three different levels depending on what you are looking for.
In the colder months, Running Club meets in the REC Center. Mondays from 6-7pm they do core workouts and, weather permitting, plan to still get outside as much as possible. There are also plans to start spin classes as well!
“Our overall goal is to race at least once a year in the Erie Community, and through Erie Running Club. We also hope to hold meetings at a local running store called Achilles. We are hoping to start a 5k on campus in the near future as well,” Bell said.
“I love how comfortable I feel to go at my own pace, and if I’m being honest, I did not like running until I joined this club. I have partners and multiple people that also like to stay at the level I am at which makes Running Club extremely inviting,” said fellow sophomore and Running Club member, Jackie Haus.
Interested in getting involved in Running Club? Join its Facebook group, Mercyhurst Running Club, its open GroupMe, or send a message to the club’s email account, Everyone is welcome!