Fashion celebrates “Galentine’s”

Katy Vaccariello, Staff writer

February is the month of love and romance. For Mercyhurst’s Fashion Council it’s a chance to celebrate to friendships formed in the department. Instead of a Valentine’s Day celebration, it’s a “Galentine’s Day” party. It’s all about the girls.
This event, held on Feb. 13, is an annual occurrence to bring the department together in a fun and festive way. A day full of food, fun, photos and smiles were seen throughout the event.
Before the event began, Kiley Davis, the Fashion Council vice president, shared a little about the meaning behind holding the event. “One, it’s a way to bring us all together again because we are in separate classes, especially the underclassmen. Also, a way to show the strength of girls coming together,” Davis said.
As the girls enter the room, it was decked out in red, white and pink with everything from hearts to streamers. Pizza and sweets lined one side of the room and a photo booth, with plenty of props, was set up on the other. The Fashion Council know how to throw a party.
The art of being festive did not stop with the room. Being a group of fashion students, everyone was adorned with their best Valentine’s Day attire. Not one shied away from embracing the holiday theme of reds and pinks. It was a lovely sight to see.
Suddenly the department filed in, filling the room and the fun instantly began. Food was eaten, photos were taken and laughter was ringing throughout. Freshman through seniors were coming together to have an exciting night.
Then the event moved on to the main activity of the night.
“With all of our fashion events we try to incorporate some fun aspect, while trying to learn something a little bit different,” Davis said.
The fun activity of the event this year was a mini competition called “Name that Love Song.” It was time to see what the attendees knew when it came to old and new love songs.
Everyone was drawn into the competition, including the fashion professors. Who knew there was such a competitive side in the fashion department?
Students were running around, racing to the white board, to be the first to name the song. There was teasing and taunting between teams. In spite of it all, every student and professor could not keep smiles off their faces.
By the conclusion of the event, it was clear that the attendees had a great time. There are so many friendships throughout the department. Every time they come together, bonds grow deeper.
When asked about her favorite part of the event, Ashlee Rzyczycki, the Fashion council advisor and lecturer of Fashion Merchandising, had loving words to share. Rzyczycki said, “I always like to see events from planning to finished product, to watch it evolve and see the students get really excited about it. So, this and anything that we really do, I get really excited to see the process and what the final product is because the students take ownership and they like it. They enjoy it.”
The event went off without a hitch and has the department excited to see what next year’s event will bring.