Thairu’s book is a big success


Alex Trabold, Staff writer

Recently, assistant professor of Public Health, Lucy Thairu, Ph.D, wrote a book called “Eternia.”

Thairu is not only an accomplished author, she also has over 15 years of epidemiology work experience. Now she has decided to put her writing abilities towards a book in the fiction genre.

It was recently released on Jan. 31 at the beginning of the year. The book focuses on a lioness, Maara. The reader follows her along on a journey of self discovery and growth.

“The book takes place in two mythical countries, Eternia and Botanica. It is a fantasy story regarding a lioness Maara (named after one of the national parks in Kenya). Maara goes from a troubled young cub to a confident lioness,” Thairu said.

It is a novel that most can relate to, including Thairu herself.

“I was inspired by my experiences growing up in Kenya and by living here in the United States,” Thairu said.

Despite the fantastical premise, Thairu clearly has given the story a very human core, focusing on the anxieties and growth of her lioness protagonist. Reviews for the book have shown positive reception from it’s readers, which have included other faculty members.

Rob Hoff, professor of Psychology at Mercyhurst University, gave ringing endorsement, saying “Dr. Thairu’s latest novel is surprisingly wise and thought-provoking and will be a wonderful selection for book discussion clubs. Highly recommended.”

She has high hopes for people, including the students here at Mercyhurst University, to check it out and dive into the world that she’s created. It is currently available on Amazon for $14.99. It is also available in the Mercyhurst bookstore. If you’re interested in what the creative minds of the faculty on campus have produced, give this book a look.