Increased events keeps students engaged

Marina Boyle, Editor in chief

The student body has been asked to limit their time spent off campus and to ensure that they are practicing social distancing and other safety precautions while they engage in social activities.

Additionally, many of the local establishments that students frequent have limitations in place, with reduced capacities or limited hours.

This leaves Mercyhurst students with time on their hands that they would otherwise be spending off campus or engaged in other social activities.

So, what can students do with this extra time? In order to keep students engaged and on campus, several offices across campus have rallied to create an increase in events and programming. The administration recognizes the importance of socializing with peers as a critical part of college life, and while the Student Handbook outlines policies limiting certain types of social gatherings, such as parties and guests in residence halls, there are still many ways to interact with peers and meet new people on campus.

Through the work of these offices, students can now find something happening each night of the week. Between Mercyhurst Student Government’s new lawn games on MSG Mondays, Mercyhurst trivia hosted by the Alumni Office, Recognized Student Club and Organization (RSCO) meet and greets on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and upcoming intramural and pick-up sports events from Athletics, there is no shortage of new programming on campus. This is all planned on top of the typical weekly events and programs such as RSCO meetings, Campus Ministry groups, residence hall programming, and MAC/ SAC events every Friday and Saturday night.

In addition to the MAC/SAC events happening this weekend, there is a special event scheduled for Sept. 6, the Saxon Stadium Backyard Beach Party.

On Sunday from 1-5pm, the football field will be transformed into a backyard beach party, complete with free food such as burgers, hotdogs, strawberry shortcake, freeze pops, and more. There will also be music, sprinklers, cornhole, Kan-Jam, and other lawn games. MSG is also sponsoring a giveaway and the first 500 students will receive a free Mercyhurst frisbee.

Any student who is looking for something to do can find information about campus events by visiting the student hub page. On the top of the page, there is an icon for campus events which will take you to The Weekender hub page. Here, students can see various posters for meet- ings and events, as well as the Mercyhurst Events Calendar, which is updated daily.

Students can also visit the Campus Involvement Center on the second floor of the Student Union for more information about how to get involved.

Be sure to check out all of the new events and programs happening on campus. You can be sure that these events will adhere to social distancing and safety protocols so you can socialize with new and old friends and enjoy your college experience despite the pandemic.