No fall break this year

Victoria Mcginty, Staff writer


With the glorious days of a summertime quarantine coming to a close, the bitter chill of early autumn is finally reintroducing itself to residing students and Erie regulars alike.

The fall semester has finally settled in; students are now hustling back into their routines of university living while putting up with the day-to-day struggles of being in the middle of a global pandemic.

As college students, we are involved to some degree or another. Whether it is an academic or social engagement, we are always on the go.

For example, a demanding class schedule and an array of clubs and commitments can wear down just about any student.

By the time October rolls around, we all collectively sigh at the opportunity for a few days off.

Unfortunately, this year Mercyhurst students are not having a fall break.

At the surprise of this decision, students are now pressured to push through all of their academics and commitments continuously until finals.

This untraditional semester has surprised us in so many ways, and this decision has been one of the most heartbreaking by far.

As students, we are prone to take on many activities and strive to be the most successful versions of ourselves.

With the fall break, I firmly believe that we can recharge the human battery to reach the end of the semester successfully.

I am disappointed that we do not have a fall break this year.

Usually, I look forward to the few days I get to spend at home and having the rare opportunity to visit with my family and hometown friends.

We will also be missing out on Hurst Day and Labor Day – two other options for taking some time to recharge due to no classes.

However, I do understand the circumstances that the pandemic has placed upon significant decisions such as fall break.

Being safe is something I take to heart, and I am grateful for the precautions Mercyhurst has put in place to keep all of us safe.

Even if there is no fall break this year, I know that I am excited to work through this semester with grace and enjoy a wonderful holiday break and finals week from my hometown bedroom’s comfort.