Kamala Harris is wrong for Joe Biden

Madison Fryling, Contributing writer

Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s choice for vice president. There has been so much debate as to why she is or isn’t the best choice for vice president.

I do not think she is the best choice because it seems too good to be true. Harris and Biden were rivals during the Democratic primary and would constantly attack each other to get ahead. But now, suddenly, they just put aside their differences to team up? It does not seem to add up.

Harris accused Biden of being racist towards her during the primary, but then could not even back up why her view had differed from his.

The relationship they have right now just does not make sense to me. It seems like Biden picked Harris, despite their problems, because she is black. It does not seem like she has anything to bring to his campaign besides the color of her skin. Yeah sure, they have some of the same political views.

However, if you look at their relationship, it seems like there are more cons than there are pros. I just cannot let it slide that they ran against each other. I understand you can and should be able to set aside your differences to be professional, but it seems like they have had too many complications with each other to actually have a genuine relationship.

I feel like the whole situation is more political than it needs to be. Kamala Harris was a prosecutor. She was a district attorney in San Francisco from 2004-2011 and then she switched to being a district attorney in California from 2011-2017.

While she was a district attorney, she wanted to make the criminal justice system more fair. Because of this, many people think she is a good person. I, however, beg to differ because during her time as a prosecutor, she “rarely prosecuted police officers who killed civilians…” (Maggie Astor and Sydney Ember, The New York Times). In this article, Astor and Ember also state, “She was also criticized for refusing to allow advanced DNA testing that might have exonerated Kevin Cooper, a Black man on death row, and for defending some convictions against allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.”

If she really wanted to make the criminal justice system more fair, she would be prosecuting people who deserve to be prosecuted, instead of picking and choosing people. It seems to me that she is just going along with all the elements that make the criminal justice system the way it is right now.

It just does not seem fair to those who are innocent. Everyone deserves a fair chance at justice. Kamala Harris may have been a good choice from Biden’s perspective, but I feel like he could have done better.

Harris does not check out for me because of how she spent her time as a prosecutor.

Besides having the same political beliefs, Harris and Biden do not seem like the best partnership for presidency.