New at Hurst: Ellen Reifenberger


Maiya Florence-Harding, Staff writer

Mercyhurst University’s Thomas J. Gamble Civic Institute welcomes its newest research analyst from Mercyhurst’s most recent graduating class of 2020, Ellen Reifenberger. She double majored and earned a bachelor’s degree in both Intelligence Studies and Political Science.

Reifenberger has always wanted to be an analyst and has always been interested in politics and international relations. Even though she is living her dream career, she is also currently applying for her master’s degree.

Reifenberger says her time as an Ambassador prepared her and made her want to continue to build her leadership abilities, making her look into earning an Organizational Leadership degree from Mercyhurst. With this degree, she will be well equipped to become an administrator or director of research analysis in the future, if that is where the world takes her.

Reifenberger did many intelligence-related internships during her time as an undergrad, which prepared her well for this position. Her office is down on 34th street in the Civic Institute and Physician’s Assistant Department Building. This position being her first major career after graduation, she is very excited about her new job.

“After graduation, I was looking to become a research analyst, and this position opened up and it was a perfect fit.”

Aside from her astounding academic achievements, Reifenberger was also on the rowing team. She helped the team earn many victories, including a stellar performance in one of the rowing season’s most significant events, the 54th annual Head of Charles Regatta. She was in the Women’s 8 Collegiate in the first seat where she and the second seat had to be in perfect, fluid synchrony, teaching her to pay attention to the small details – an essential skill in her chosen career.

In the 2018-2019 year, she earned a scholar-athlete award for her success in balancing university-level academics and an NCAA DII sport.

She currently spends her free time in a completely different way, “I like to bake, mostly bread. I run a lot, and I like wheel thrown ceramics.” Reifenberger aspires to have her own ceramics studio one day.

On the off-chance that she is not in her office, or soon enough busy with her online Organizational Leadership classes, you might find her down in her favorite place on campus, eating at the Roost.

Be sure to welcome Ellen Reifenberger back to campus with a COVID-friendly elbow bump or a simple “hello!