Pope and I support same-sex couples

Ashley Barletta, Staff writer

To preface this article, I would like to say that I myself am Catholic. I was raised as a Catholic and love my religion.

And, since this is an opinion article, everything in here is from my perspective. I for one, do support same-sex civil unions.

As Catholics, we have been expected to believe that marriage is meant for a man and a woman. However, the view on that is changing, and Pope Francis spoke about same-sex unions, saying that gay people deserve to have families.

God clearly makes people a certain way for a reason, and I guarantee that it is not to divide us, but to unite us.

One topic that comes up when talking about same-sex unions is whether love is a choice. I believe that while attraction is not a choice, love is.

So, who are we to judge who a person can or cannot love? We are never going to truly know why a person thinks or acts the way that they do because we do not know their hearts; only God knows what is in each person’s heart. Therefore, it is not up to us to decide for another person who they are allowed to love.

Another issue that comes into play is whether same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt. What bothers me the most is that Catholics are against abortion, but they are also against same-sex couples adopting. I think that they should absolutely be allowed to adopt.

Who are we to deprive children of a good life, of a loving family just because the family may operate a little differently than what has been accepted as “normal?” Don’t all children deserve the chance at a happy life instead of falling victim to the orphan life or foster care system?

Once, I asked a lady I know why Catholics do not believe in same-sex unions. The way it was described to me, as a heterosexual, was that when I am attracted to someone, I don’t immediately act on my emotions. That was where the story ended. It was never brought into account that someday, when I am married, I will be able to “act on my emotions.”

Since the Catholic religion currently does not teach that same-sex marriage is okay, then same-sex couples will never be able to act on their emotions, and to me, that is incredibly sad. Imagine being in love with someone, and being told that your love is invalid.

This is what same-sex couples face all of the time, and it is about time someone in power, such as the pope, would speak up for them and validate them. Keep in mind that we are all children of God, and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, so we should be supporting each other in our life journeys and loving one another no matter what.

It only takes a little acceptance and understanding in order to connect with people, which is something I find to be truly beautiful.