Things to do in Erie spring

Alexis Lovewell, Contributing Writer

The weather in Erie, PA is finally starting to move towards spring and that means more people are going to be looking for things to do in their free time outdoors. With Lake Erie being so close to campus, it makes it very easy to find things to do. Not only is there a lake close by, but there are several nature trails and a zoo close by as well. The main attraction in Erie, PA when the weather starts to get warm is Presque Isle. Presque Isle is a 3,200-acre peninsula that arches into Lake Erie and is Pennsylvania’s only “seashore.” At Presque Isle you can do many different activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, biking and more. There are 13 beaches that you can choose to go to, and biking trails and roads leading to the other beaches.

The neck of Presque Isle is attached to the outskirts of downtown Erie, giving you a lot of options to go do other things while you visit the beaches. Right before you enter Presque Isle there is a small restaurant called Sara’s where you can enjoy a hot dog or hamburger, or even a salad. Sara’s Restaurant is also known for its delicious milkshakes which would be able to cool you off on a hot day. Another fun activity you can do in Erie in the spring is go to the Erie Zoo that is less than ten minutes away from campus. The Erie Zoo is home to more than 400 animals and also has botanical gardens and a greenhouse with more than 600 species of plants from around the world. It is open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. everyday. Some of the main attractions at the zoo are lions, monkeys and giraffes. They allow you to feed the giraffes while visiting their habitat.

There are several different nature trails in Erie that are open for the public to walk through with beautiful scenery and wildlife sightings. Headwaters Park is less than ten minutes away from campus and has easy trails with streams flowing across the trails. This trail also has monthly scavenger hunts for something to do while you are walking through the park. Another nature trail in Erie is the called Brown’s Farm. This park is a little over ten minutes away from campus and contains well-kept trails and also light workout bars throughout the trails. This trail is great if you are looking for exercise as it can be a little hilly in some areas. This nature trail attracts a lot of wildlife and you will definitely see some animals during your walk here. If you aren’t a fan of being outdoors there are also many options for you as well.

Downtown Erie has many shops where you can walk from one to the other, including Grasshopper, which is a gift shop on Peach Street that sells oils, incense, tie dye clothing, jewelry and much more. There is artwork sold here and also wooden African drums and other instruments used for meditation. All of these activities will be helpful for students and staff this spring to take the time and get away from campus for a bit and relax. Whether you like being outdoors or indoors in the spring, Erie, PA has many activities for everyone.