RSCO Feature: Fashion Law Club

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Are you interested in learning how legal processes work when it comes to fashion? Do you want to learn more about trademarks and copyrights when it comes to Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel?

Do you want to learn what fashion law is in general? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Fashion Law Club might be right up your alley.

“The Fashion Law Club meets to discuss current news within fashion law, to have fun learning about how fashion law can apply to everyday life and to find new ways to apply fashion law to careers we may be interested in,” said Shannon Gotham, junior Political Science and Fashion Merchandising double major and president of the Fashion Law Club. This is a club that anyone is free to join, regardless of their major.

“We love having group members from all majors and years to help bring different perspectives to the discussions we have,” said Gotham.

“The fashion law club aims to educate students on the realm of fashion law, including intellectual property law, patent law, copyright law and more,” said Sarah Fertal, junior Fashion Merchandising major and vice president of the Fashion Law Club.

While the club discusses some serious things about the topic, there’s always room for fun as well.

“We have had bingo games, movie nights, and talks about topics that interest the club,” said Fertal. “The club meets about once a month, and our meetings are a mix of fun, contests, and learning.”

Despite COVID attempting to ruin the plans of most clubs, the Fashion Law Club has a way of making things work.

“Since the start of COVID, we have had more trouble meeting, but we are hoping to meet 2-3 times this semester and pick up to once a month meeting again in the fall,” Gotham said.

The Fashion Law Club is the perfect place to learn about how important fashion can be in legal matters. If you’re interested in fashion, law, or both, try paying a visit to a meeting of the Fashion Law Club