Spring edition of STATEMENT is published

Spring edition of STATEMENT is published

Samantha Weber, Staff writer

Mercyhurst’s own Fashion Department publishes a magazine once each semester. The magazine titled STATEMENT has become a staple for the Fashion Merchandising Department and a treasured custom to its majors. This year’s editors were Mackenzie Lewis and Emma Thomas.

Thomas, a sophomore fashion major and one of the editors for this magazine, talks about what the magazine has done for her, “This magazine was a great way for me to get more involved with the Fashion department that allowed me to work on it in my own time and reach out to fellow members of the department.”

The brainstorming for each issue begins at the beginning of each term and starts with determining a theme or concept and then they reach out to people asking for any contributions they would like to make. This year, there were seven students who contributed an article to the magazine including Mia D’Amato, who is also the model on the cover.

The seven articles cover a wide range of topics including some fashion history and ethical brands. The first article is “Because It’s More Than Just a Piece of Fabric” by Marisa Ripepi. It talks about how nowadays people care more about the reputation of the brand than the fabric they are wearing and it mentions a few companies that are giving back to the community. The second article is “Subscribe. Shop. Support” by Mackenzie Lewis. This article mentions a subscription service that sends items every month but specifically encourages one that is ethically made and cruelty-free. The third article is “The Top Four Ethical Brands You Need in Your Makeup Bag” by Mikayla Vandermeid in which she highlights some popular ethical brands. The fourth article is the “Cover Model Spotlight” by Mia D’Amato where D’Amato talks about herself. The fifth article is “Back in Time for Black Fashion” by Janiece Withers. This article talks about some of the biggest names in Black Fashion and their impact on the industry. The sixth article is “Big Shot Business Women” by Mackenzie Lewis and she talks about some female-owned businesses that are doing great things. The seventh article is “That Cruelty-Free Glow Tho” by Mikayla Vandermeid, which talks about how beneficial cruelty-free products are for everyone. The eighth article is “Can You Make a Change? Fashion Takes on the Fight” by Alayna Moorhead. This article talks about how fashion can make a change in the world. The ninth article is “More Than Clothes: How a T-Shirt Brand Gives Back” by Emma Thomas where she highlights a company that is using its success to give back in different ways. And the last page offers a Faculty Feature, This or That quiz, and the Alumni Spotlight for five former MU students.

“I think it is really important, especially in today’s times, that we provide something that shares positive, interesting articles that cater to our specific major (fashion merchandising),” said Thomas. “ I also hope to provide other students something to pause and relax with (even for just a moment) during a busy term.”

If you are interested in getting involved with the magazine, all you have to do is email one of the editors and they would be glad to get your input for the magazine! The editors start by reaching out to everyone in the Fashion Department to see if anyone is interested and they also mention writing for the magazine in some classes.