Hurst Class Catalog: ART 320

Sarah Beck, Contributing writer

Are you a graphic design major or have ever been interested in graphic design? Maybe you are interested in a career as an art director, graphic designer, multimedia artist, industrial product designer or marketing manager? ART 320 might just be a class that is right for you.

ART 320 is a Type and Publication graphic design course that has been a part of the graphic design curriculum here at Mercyhurst University for many years. Like many art courses, this one is no different when it comes to its diverse content as laid out in the syllabus. The syllabus gives one a bit of insight into all the designs and layouts that students will learn throughout the semester and will be able to produce once they have completed this course. The Merciad is a great example of what Type and Publication is all about. In this course, you will learn how to layout multiple pages in an efficient manner and with pleasing aesthetics. Throughout the class, you will use tools such as differing styles, grids and columns to produce a great layout and beautiful product. The primary outcome of this class however, is to teach the students all about the elements of design and art by using the software InDesign with Photoshop and Illustrator as supporting software systems.

Type and Publication are taught by Mercyhurst alumni from the class of 2015, Anna Baker. This academic year marks Baker’s first year as a professor on campus and she is enthused to be back at the Hurst. “I am excited to be back in the buildings I went to classes in not too long ago. I love getting to revisit my favorite spots on campus, it is truly surreal,” said Baker.

If you are interested in any form of graphic design this class is a great addition to your schedule in future semesters. By the end of your experience with ART 320, you will have a start to your own portfolio of material and the many properties of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator software systems. Through taking this class, you will have the opportunity to meet professors and possible future colleagues in your field which gives you a leg up to the start of your career in graphic design. Lastly, you will have a better overall understanding of communications and design which will help you to be more successful in future jobs and projects.