Leadership Workshop nomination forms now accepting applications

Victoria McGinty, Features editor

With the fall semester in full swing, the campus is lively once again after a long summer. While returning students have settled into old routines, the incoming students are slowly settling into campus life. Of the many exciting things occurring on campus, the Emerging Leaders Workshop is one of many. Facilitated by Steph Przepiora, the newly instated Director of Campus Involvement, the work-shop is set to occur in the near future. The Emerging Leaders Work-shop is an event where students are nominated by faculty, staff and other student leaders to participate. While it is open to all years, the event is mostly targeted towards underclassmen, specifically freshmen and sophomores. Students can be nominated by professors, facilitators and current Leadership Development Program students. According to Przepiora, “We are asking for you to nominate any students that you know would benefit form an introduc-tory leadership workshop.” The nomination form is currently live and will be accepting nominations until Sept. 24. The Workshop itself is run by students in the third level of the Leadership Development Program. The Leadership Development Program, or “LDP” for short, is an organization on campus that is dedicated to identifying and improving student’s leadership qualities. The goal of the program is to prepare students across all majors to exercise their leadership assets in the professional world. Both the Emerging Leaders Workshop and LDP go hand-in-hand to encourage students to exercise their leadership traits and consider applying for LDP. In the past the Workshop has been successful and has hosted students across all majors and concentrations. The workshop consists of a three-hour exploration of leadership qualities and styles and how they make up qualities of a strong leader. The workshops held in the past have been incredibly successful and perfectly demonstrate the diverse variety of student leaders we have on campus. Students who have taken the workshop in the past have gone on to take on various leadership roles on campus such as an e-board position in a campus club or have even been a part of the Laker Leader organization or Stu-dent Government. Sophomore Cyber Security ma-jor, Ethan Houk, has taken part in the Emerging Leaders Work-shop in the past and deems his experience successful. “I really did not know what to expect going into the experience. I was thrilled to be nominated. The workshop was a blast and I feel like I learned a ton about my-self and how to become a success-ful leader,” said Houk. Like many students who have taken part in the workshop, Houk went on to take on a leadership role on campuses such as becoming an Ambassador and an RA in McAuley Hall. Anyone interested in learning more about leadership opportunities either on-campus or about the Leadership Development Program can contact Steph Przepiora at sprzepiora@mercyhurst.edu or stop in the Campus Involvement Department located on the second flood of the Student Union.