All of the best fall events in Erie

Hannah Brooks, Staff Writer

Fall is the perfect time for pumpkin spice lattes, cute scarves and Insta selfies in front of colorful foliage. Wait, no – it is actually the perfect time for beer, football and Buffalo chicken dip or is it actually the prime time for horror movies, haunted houses and Halloween costumes? Also, what is the flavor of fall? Is it pumpkin spice or apple cider (it’s definitely apple cider)? While not everybody’s version of fall looks the exact same, there are many things to do right here in Erie that will fit your needs, regardless of what your ideal definition of fall looks like.

The Wintergreen Gorge is arguably my favorite place to go year-round, however, there is something about it in the fall that appeals to me even more. There is already something about the views you get to experience while walking here without the colorful foliage – now add that in and you see what I mean. On a warmer fall day – and let’s be honest, the temperatures are starting to cool but I wouldn’t be surprised if Erie manages to squeeze in a few more 70-degree days – I will walk along the creek. If it’s cooler or you aren’t in the mood for wet feet, the trails are already divine on their own. Whenever I go to the Gorge, I find myself stopping constantly to take pictures because it is just such a beautiful place to me. Another perk of going during the fall is that the temperatures will be much more comfortable for a walk without being drenched in your own sweat. Even if you are not much up for a walk but want a little “getaway”, the Gorge is a perfect place to come with a hammock, or even just a blanket to sit on the ground and read a book. Relaxing with a crisp breeze and the views of fall around you? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Erie also offers a ton of fall activities through churches, organizations, bars/clubs and other businesses – and while this may be a very wide variety, hear me out – there is always something going on every weekend during Oct. and Nov. Another one of my favorite places to be in Erie during the fall months is at a good fall fest. Fall fests are one of my favorite things, because who doesn’t like a Chinese auction, plates of food – sometimes even including fall favorite desserts like pumpkin rolls and pies, crafts and more? There are so many offered in Erie during the fall months that it can be a little bit hard to keep track, but, honestly, Google “fall fests in Erie” and sift through the overwhelming amounts of suggestions.

Specifically, Peek ‘n Peak has a really popular and outstanding fall fest and is only a 33-minute drive from Mercyhurst and there will be one happening in downtown Erie on the 24th this year that I am looking forward to checking out.Now, while I talk about fall fests and how it can’t get much better than crafts or Chinese auctions – it actually can. Hands-down, my absolute favorite event to go to during Fall is “Dogtober Fest” which is hosted at the Erie Brewing Co. I have been going since 2018 and it is probably one of the things I look forward to most. Featuring Halloween costumes, Chinese auctions, food, beer and dogs (most of which are also wearing Halloween costumes), the event is so much fun. Unfortunately, it has already occurred this year. However, if you need your “dogs in Halloween” costume fix and you need it this year, there is a “Bark’N Treat” event going on Oct. 22 at Lucky Dog Stay ‘N Play or a “Bark & Brew” event on Nov. 12 at the Concourse at Union Station.

While one might say that Erie is only fun during the summer, I would argue that fall is one of the times when Erie thrives the most. There are so many fun fall-themed events to attend full of festivities and crafts, as well as awesome places to explore to get your fall foliage fix. Regardless of what you like to do the most, you will always be able to find something in Erie.