Fashion Department students publish Fall Magazine


Sarah Beck, Staff writer

The Mercyhurst Fashion Merchandising Department has officially published their fall edition of “Statement”- the department’s official magazine. “Statement” is a student-run magazine produced by the Fash-ion Merchandising department. The magazine is released twice a year, once per semester. This magazine features talented student writers who talk all about recent fashion-related topics such as an article about TikTok make-up trends, written by Kenzi Cahl, a Freshman Fashion Merchandising major.“I loved being able to contribute to “Statement” and meet new people who are involved in the magazine,” said Cahl.

The Fall 2021 publication of “Statement” took a modern take on fashion this fall. “We didn’t want to do a preppy fall theme like past years; we wanted it to be more street-wear and bold,” said Annie Markel, sophomore Fashion Merchandising major and Co-editor.

This publication features a wide variety of fashion-related topics for readers to enjoy such as fall trends, small business plugs and faculty features. The general process for the production of the magazine starts with the overall feature of the edition, which is the main focus for what the publication is going to be.

For “Statement” Fall 2021, you will find Janiece Withers, a senior Fashion Merchandising major, gracing the cover of this edition. “What I am super excited for is our feature article which is with Janiece Withers. She is an amazing person, she has done so much for this school and so we really want-ed to feature her for everything that she has done for Mercyhurst. We had a whole photoshoot and everything. The pictures are so cool,” said Chloe Sanfrantello, a senior Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Communications and Editor of Statement.

“My favorite part of this publication are the images. Victoria McGinty graciously agreed to take the photos and they turned out like a dream. I’m also kind of a photography nerd so I really was thrilled with Victoria’s work,” said Markel.

The process of putting together the magazine gives real experience into a true publication process. The publication process that was used by Markel and Sanfratello was not a one-step process. “We first take super random notes on themes, potential mod-els, color schemes and article ideas. Then we begin to build our list and solidify a foundation. Next, we start to contact people about modeling and writing. Once we have all the written articles and final photos, we begin formatting which is the most fun part but also the most time consuming and bam, we have a magazine,” said Markel.

If students are interested in writing for “Statement,” in the future, especially if a Fashion Merchandising major or minor, one can contact the Fashion Merchandising Department Chair Amy Weaver at In the field of fashion journalism, this is a fantastic opportunity. “Getting to actually see the process and put it together is super confidence building,” said Sanfratello.

While physical copies were only printed for potential students attending the Admission’s Day In Fashion event, digital copies of “Statement” are available. To read the digital version of the magazine, go to and search “Mercyhurst Statement Fall 2021” or check out “mercyhurstfashion” on Instagram to find the link to the magazine.