Laker Side Hustles: Masks Chains by Genevieve Rose B.


RayLynn Chraston, Staff writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has nonetheless impacted everything we’ve known for almost two years now. Wearing masks has become a part of our everyday fashion and many have gotten creative when it comes to personalizing the masks. While there have been various patterns and colors for masks, mask chains are one of the more creative accessories created in order to improve how we wear masks.

Genevieve Burgess, a senior Psychology major with a creative writing minor, has created her own business of mask chains to make it easier for people to carry their masks around with them in a fashionable way. Mask Chains by Genevieve Rose B, was inspired by the events of the pandemic in order to make wearing masks more fashionable. Talking about her inspiration, Burgess said, “I don’t think there’s just one area that inspired me. I bought a mask chain at a little boutique over the summer and became obsessed with the convenience and look of it.” “As a kid, I used to bead and make jewelry a lot and I knew that I could replicate the one I had purchased, so I bought the supplies and honestly, it’s become such a therapeutic activity for me,” said Burgess.

Burgess also included that her mask chains are made with little colorful beads, which are chosen based on the customer’s preference. The mask chains also have clips on the ends to attach to the ear loops. One thing that is very convenient about these mask chains is that they are able to attach to the ear loops of any style mask, therefore these chains are suitable for anyone and everyone. “I’m experimenting with different designs and now can put little daisies as an added touch on the chains. They’re super convenient, especially when walking in between classes outside. I don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping my mask or having it get crumpled up in my pockets,” said Burgess.

Burgess’ chains are the perfect fashionable way to enhance and add to your style and spice up just an everyday mask. Burgess’ products are very innovative and can help lessen the struggle of losing your mask and or ruining them, whether that be from dropping them or causing them to wrinkle.

Burgess is a very innovative person. Outside of making these creative mask chains, Burgess likes to journal, write poetry and watch movies with her cat while sipping on a glass of wine. A very down-to-earth and charismatic person, Burgess is very driven in making people’s everyday lives more convenient. Burgess has a niche in diving into her creative and imaginative mind, and by doing so she is able to show off her artistic side by bringing back her love of bead-work with these mask chains.

Currently, Burgess’ products are priced at $10 a chain, or $13 if you would like to add the daises for a nice added touch to the mask chains as noted above. If interested in purchasing one of these creative products, you can reach out to Burgess on her Instagram @geneviev-eroseb. With multiple product styles that she has to offer, check out her work. Do not be afraid to support a fellow Laker in their journey as an entrepreneur.

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