Laker Side Hustles: Erin’s Cricut Creations

Elphena Elsar, Staff writer

When boredom strikes, creativity kicks in. Erin Sopher is a junior Human Relations major who owns and manages her small business called Erin’s Cricut Creations. As an owner, Sopher makes different and unique decals which include car decals, cup decals, shirts decals, and much more. Sopher explained that she even made shirts for her team for the Hurst Day Scavenger hunt. When asked what is her favorite design(s) to date, Sopher replied that she does not have any favorite designs just yet because she is still in the early stage of the business foundation. However, she fell in love with one of the early designs she made. Sopher explained that she made the design for her cup just to see how it turned out and the final look made her fall in love, encouraging her, even more, to continue what she does. Like any business, one key responsibility is making sure that the orders are correct and delivered on time, which is what Sopher strives to do for her customers while also juggling school and life as she progresses. When starting a small business, it can be difficult to measure success. “How I measure success is after getting different orders, I make sure that I get them done correctly and at a reasonable time so [the customers] are not waiting a long time for [their orders].” Most often, business owners will have a more financial-focused response. Others will be more concerned with the reaction they receive from customers and the joy they experience while producing their product, but neither method is right or wrong. Sopher discussed other ways in which she measures her business’ success. “Knowing that people and my family will pass my name along to other people and being able to make [customers’ orders] is special,” said Sopher. One thing that keeps Sopher going as an entrepreneur and as a student is knowing she has the opportunity to be creative and having a medium to channel her creativity into. Sopher strives to get her orders done as soon as they are acquired, but every order that she receives is unique, which is why she focuses on time as a measure of success. Some prices she has charged in the past ranged from $3 for small-sized decals, $5 for medium-sized decals, and for larger and/ or car decals, $10. Shirt prices range from $20-$25 depending on the location of the decal, whether the decal is on the front or back of the shirt or both. What makes Erin Cricut Creations unique? The decals are handcrafted with love, grace, and patience. What really makes Erin’s Cricut Creations stand out from the rest is that there are never two of the same orders. “Seeing what people want their decals and designs to be and just being able to make it for them is just fun,” said Sopher. Since she is in the beginning stages of running her small business, Sopher currently does not have any social media accounts or a website set up yet. However, she is currently in the process of making it happen. It is only a matter of time. Students of Mercyhurst and that outside of the Mercyhurst community can communicate with her via email at One piece of advice Sopher would like to give to all students and aspiring entrepreneurs is to start out small before going all out. This advice can be applied to every aspect of one’s life, especially academically. As a student, “start small before taking on too much.” Running a business while participating in academic classes can be a strain for students, but also rewarding if they budget their time and energy correctly. If you have a small business or know a friend who has one and want to have it featured in The Merciad’s “Laker Side Hustle” section, email or message @merciad-mu on Instagram to have your business featured. Alternatively, one can also email the current Features section editor, Victoria McGinty, at for the chance to be featured