My Mercyhurst Minute videos return to feature student stories

Bella Lee, Staff writer


When you’re scrolling through Mercyhurst’s social media pages, you might have come across one of the “Ask an Ambassador” segments that pop up every so often. Have you ever wanted your 15 minutes of fame in a similar fashion? You don’t have to worry, because Mercyhurst Minute has returned. 

“The purpose of the Mercyhurst Minute is to highlight the great experiences and opportunities our students have here at Mercyhurst, and share them with the community, prospective students, and alumni,” said Ben Friesen, Video Producer for Marketing at Mercyhurst. Unlike the Ask Ambassador segments on Instagram, which are limited to Ambassadors and are generally only shown on Instagram stories, Mercyhurst Minute is open to all students and is shared on a variety of social media platforms. “I’ve already shot enough to continue the series through the end of the semester, but I’ll definitely be looking for more for next semester,” said Friesen.

Due to the pandemic messing up the normal routines that Mercyhurst University usually has, Mercyhurst Minute was unable to happen last year, but this year, it’s back and better than ever. “Any current students who would like to share a specific great experience or opportunity they’ve had during their time here at Mercyhurst could be featured,” said Friesen.

So far, students from all sorts of backgrounds have been able to share their experiences with Mercyhurst. “I discussed the classes I took in the major and how the skills I learned helped me land and succeed in an internship,” said Kali Beutler, senior Integrated Media and Strategic Communications major. “I think students can benefit by seeing what other students are doing and how they are making the most of their experience.”

Samantha Strom, junior Intelligence Studies and Criminal Justice double major, wholeheartedly agrees. “There are plenty of ways for students to get involved at Mercyhurst and even more opportunities to grow outside the university to develop ourselves and our careers,” she said. “Mercyhurst Minute videos spotlight the many students that make the most of the opportunities provided by the school to grow and develop into successful members of society. It is a great way to encourage other students to push themselves and see the doors that being a student at Mercyhurst can open for you, as well as give hardworking students the recognition they deserve.” Strom used her video to discuss the internship she held over the summer as well as her experience being a Laker Leader.

Danielle Tuomey, junior Dance major, gave students an opportunity to learn about school life in the Dance Department, as well as the upcoming performances of Swan Lake. “Students can benefit from watching Mercyhurst Minute videos because they are given the opportunity to hear about students’ firsthand experiences on campus,” Tuomey said. “These videos are perfect because they feature students of various backgrounds who discuss numerous topics related to their own unique interests, increasing the representation of all people on campus.” 

Most recently, Mercyhurst Minute featured Junior Public History Major Lily Smith. Smith is an incredibly involved student on campus and her highlight showcases that immensely. “One of my favorite experiences here at Mercyhurst has been being able to take park in the Shared Heritage African-American trail. It was amazing getting to take part in this because it showed me what my future career might look like as a public historian.” Said Smith. 

All four students highly recommend taking a chance to be featured in a Mercyhurst Minute segment, so don’t miss your chance! Although this semester is already finished, students and faculty can email Friesen at if they are interested in being featured in a video for next semester!