A message from the student vice president

Doug Wilsch, Staff Writer

Hello all! My name is Douglas Wilsch your Mercyhurst Student Government Vice President. I am double majoring in Intelligence Studies and International Relations. We are starting a series here at the Merciad in-forming you of all the ex-citing things MSG does for you within our respective roles and making sure your voice is not only heard but acted upon in MSG. So, what do I do in my role for you? One of the most important jobs I have is co-chairing our University Operations Commit-tee with MSG President Nick Broadfueher, which is the direct voice of the students to improve day-to-day running of Mercy-hurst. We meet with all the contracted and offer services on campus such as Parkhurst Dining Services, Maintenance Services, Recreation and Fitness, Mail Room, and Police and Safety to just name a few. Parkhurst has always been such a great collaborator and open to our critical and supportive dialogue. I can honestly say after being on the committee for three years now they go above and beyond what they are contracted to do! It can be the little things like fixing the soup recipe to putting on full scale events where all of Parkhurst puts on a great show for us. Then Police and Safety, which every semester the Mercyhurst Chief of Po-lice, DJ Fuhrmann, and the President and Vice President do a campus safety check, ensuring that all students feel safe at night going to and fro. Further, I organize and facilitate senate meetings and act as the point of contact for the senators. They do great work! From giving their time on service projects to work-ing on student government events to completing their most important job, listening to you! They report back to the executive board what is going on within their constituencies and we make a plan of action together of the best way to address the is-sue(s) at hand. We at MSG want to have you, the students’, best interests at heart. Please feel free to reach out anytime! Whether it’s your student senators (which can be found on Instagram @ms-glakers ) or through direct feedback to me at MS-GVP@mercyhurst.edu.