I’m excited for break

Samantha Weber, Editor in Chief

There are so many wonderful things to do over winter break, but there is one thing that definitely has a special place in my heart. My favorite thing to do over winter break is to spend time with family. I have two younger siblings who I miss a lot while I am away at school, so I get so excited when I can go home on breaks and see them. While it is possible to FaceTime and call them while I am away, there is nothing better than seeing them in person again. We always try to go see a movie together and we are excited to see “Spider-Man: No Way Home” over this winter break.

It will be weird only being home for about a month this year because I am a sophomore and last year we just stayed home after Thanksgiving. So, after having almost two months off last year and having to basically split that time in half, it makes me a little sad because that is less time I get to spend with my siblings. To me, family is the most important thing in my life, so I really want to try and spend all the time I possibly can with them over the break.

I can not wait until after finals are over so that I can go home and see my family again.Another thing I am excited about doing over winter break is seeing all my friends from back home. We all went our separate ways for college, and sometimes our fall breaks do not align, so when I am home, sometimes my friends are not. Even when we are home, we are all so busy that it is hard to find a time where everyone is free. But, with a month at home, there will be plenty of chances to hang out with them and I am excited to create new memories with them.

I am from Pittsburgh, and one of my favorite activities to do during the wintertime is to go downtown and explore the city because there is a Holiday Market where I love to look around to buy some of my Christmas presents. I am also excited to see all the lights downtown and go ice skating around the big tree in Market Square.And of course, I am excited to get presents for Christmas time, but I think I am more excited for the food at Christmas dinner as opposed to the presents. After going home for Thanksgiving, and eating so much good food in just a short amount of time, I can not wait to go home and eat home-cooked meals for a month. While the food here at school usually tastes good, the meals themselves are very repetitive so they get old very quickly. So I would rank my excitement for homemade food right behind spending time with my family. With that being said, have a safe and relaxing break, Lakers