Great things about fall and spring semesters

Bella Lee, Staff Writer

I am an extremely indecisive person. When asked “what’s your favorite semester?” I could not give you an answer.I have friends that prefer the fall semester because of new beginnings and friends that prefer the spring semester because of a sense of routine. However, being the indecisive person that I am, I’m going to list what I love about both semesters. First off, the fall semester. There’s an endless list of what I love about it, but since I have a word limit I’ll explain it as briefly as I can.

I love the fall semester because there’s a new class of students and transfers, which gives me an opportunity to make new friends. Fall semester also brings Hurst Day, a beloved tradition to all that are on campus. I’m on a Discord server with a lot of other Mercyhurst students, and Hurst Day gave me the opportunity to meet a good number of them in person. I was also able to be a part of the outdoor Campus Involvement Fair, where two clubs I’m in, Anime Club and Tabletop Games Club, increased membership exponentially. I got to meet plenty of new students in my major, whether they were freshmen or changed majors, and I was able to teach them the different teaching styles of the professors and what the workload is like. I was also able to participate in my first theatre production with the fall play, which was the first time I did anything theatre-related since high school. I also got to meet the new pledge class of Ambassadors and assist them in getting through the process successfully. Lastly, who can forget Haunted Hurst? A terrifying, yet hilarious event that no one should miss.

Let’s not forget spring semester and all it has to offer, though. For starters, we have SpringFest, which I’m especially excited about since I was never able to experience it my first two years here due to COVID. There are also more theatre opportunities; this spring I’m playing in my first musical in 7 years. As someone who loves winter, the spring semester gets most of the snow, so there’s that to enjoy if you prefer the cold. The spring semester is also bittersweet, as it’s the time to say goodbye to graduating seniors or professors that are retiring or moving to another school.

Overall, spring semester serves as a time for new opportunities.There are a variety of events that both fall and spring semester have that also can’t be forgotten. The two biggest ones for me are the karaoke nights and trivia nights that occur at the Roost. I’m there almost every time, singing to my heart’s content or answering nearly every question with ease. It has come to the point where I have people every week asking me why I haven’t been on “Jeopardy!” yet. Additionally, with each set of new classes that I take every semester is a new chance to make new friends. As someone who struggled a lot with social skills for most of my life, this is probably the best thing about being in college.So in all honesty, I could not choose one semester over the other. There’s new adventures, new friendships and new opportunities waiting around every corner that I just can’t wait to find