Photos for marketing

Isabella Johnson, Staff writer

The Mercyhurst Marketing Department is preparing to take brand new photos for the university website and is looking for students and faculty to help out. “The goal is to attract more students who want to make Hurst home,” said Leena Clint, graphic designer and print manager. For many potential Lakers, their first image of Mercyhurst is a reflection of the pictures displayed on the website. While it may not seem like such a big deal, the photos on the website really do have an impact when it comes to attracting potential students. The quality of these photos can make all the difference when it comes to possible applicants.

“It has been three years since the last major website update, but this doesn’t include the photos. It’s probably been longer since we’ve reached out to obtain updated photography of the campus and students,” said Clint. Updated photos will allow prospective students to get a more accurate idea of the community here at Mercyhurst. The idea is to improve our campus’ image by giving the website a more current look that represents our school to-day. The pictures will be taken in various classroom settings around campus, providing the opportunity for both students and faculty members to be featured. The goal of these photo shoots is to capture the collaborative learning environment at Mercy-hurst by depicting groups of its community members working together.

“We want to present active student life on campus, diversity and professors and students working together,” said Lauren Esper, a graphic designer at Mercyhurst.

Any student or faculty members interested in being photographed have the opportunity to schedule a photo shoot for their department. To sign up for a photo shoot, email Esper at with times and dates that are ideal for your department. “Everyone should sign up so they can have new updated imagery representing their depart-ments and classes on the website. It also helps us use these updated images on print and collateral pieces to promote Mercyhurst and their departments,” said Esper.

Students who are a part of a photo shoot are asked to either wear their Mercyhurst attire or solid colors. “We are looking to accurately represent our campus and ultimately drive more students to choose Mercyhurst,” said Esper. By signing up for a photo shoot Mercyhurst University student and faculty members will get the opportunity to represent their school while contributing to the future prosperity of the university.