Hurst Class Catalog: Global Perspectives Through Yoga

Samantha Weber, Editor-in-chief

Are you looking for a fun class to switch it up from the constant lectures? Do you enjoy relaxing and doing yoga? Then Global Perspectives Through Yoga is a great choice for you! Taught by Solveig Santillano, associate professor of dance, this course provides a global perspective through a historical, philosophical, physiological, and practical introduction to yoga.

Santillano explained that her passion for yoga is why she started teaching this course.“I love all things yoga – it helped my career so much and personal life, and even skillfulness in relationships. It’s been a great way to develop grounding/centering/balancing practices, and so much fun to share useful tools with others,” said Santillano.

The course consists of lectures, discussions, class projects, research, active and mindful practices, and reflection essays. This is the perfect course to take if you need a break from the typical class structure or if you want to try something new. The course is currently held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and one of those days is in a lecture hall and the other is in a studio in the danceSpace, so it is a good way to switch up your environment. Students will explore the evolution and progression of yoga as a form of cultural expression, track yoga’s rising popularity in the west, and experience various practices and techniques. This course can help students tremendously by teaching them methods to deal with situations that occur in their everyday life.

“The pandemic has made it even harder to get connected with one another and it’s been easy to lose perspective. Yoga helps us take those different viewpoints via theory and practice,” said Santillano. “Not only do we learn how to pay attention (and expand it), foster stable/mobile balance, and get into our own creativity as well as discipline, but also literally and figuratively turn ourselves upside down, inside out, and focus out to the world as well as into our heart.”

Over the past two years, everyone has probably gone through a rough patch and when this happens it is important to take a step back and focus on yourself. Santillano said, “I’m careful to say that yoga doesn’t take away the hurt – since being human is about being in relationships, falling in love and to love is to grieve, because birth and death are always paired. Things get so very real.”

Santillano adds that she hopes for students to feel inspired by the course, taking the time to reflect on their own lives as they learn more about the art of yoga. “I hope students fall in love with their life, make friends with their obstacles, find their own autonomy as well as deepen relationships, get excited about building a practice that supports them, try a few ideas on for size, make the practice their own,” said Santillano. “There’s just so much to be inspired by – and I’m inspired by what the students bring to the experience. Their shared stories and insights make the conversation all the richer.”

This course is offered at random times, so be sure to keep your eye out for DANC-107 when you are planning your schedule for the upcoming semester. If you end up loving this class or just want to do some yoga while at school, the yoga club meets almost every Saturday at 9:15 in the danceSpace in Zurn Hall. They are also looking for officers for next year, so be sure to check it out if you are interested!