Law Enforcement club hosts guest speakers

Hannah Brooks, Features editor

The Law Enforcement Intelligence Club held a guest speaker panel event on Wednesday, March 15. The event included speakers from the Ohio HIDTA internship program, which is an opportunity available to Law Enforcement students, as well as an alumni panel. 

The Ohio HIDTA analysts gave students an overview of Law Enforcement Intelligence – both tactical and operational approaches that the HIDTA program uses and information about the internship available to students. Alumni then provided advice to students. The alumni who attended the meeting were Intelligence Studies graduates Michelle Smith and Carolyn Lloyd. Both took advantage of the Ohio HIDTA internship during their time at Mercyhurst and were offered full-time jobs after graduation.

“The Law Enforcement Club loves to invite guest speakers to talk to our students because we believe that they add value by sharing insider knowledge of their specific career paths,” said Ashley Kreeger, junior Intelligence Studies major and president of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Club. “We offer speakers from a variety of different careers which gives students the opportunity to determine what they like and dislike, as well as what they may want to pursue after college.”

Kreeger also added that the club has offered speakers from a variety of intriguing careers, such as a retired CIA agent, FBI intelligence analysts, and Fusion center analysts, to name a few. Kreeger added that in addition to providing insight on future career possibilities, guest speaker events are a great opportunity for students to meet and make connections with potential future employers.

The Ohio HIDTA program is one of many internships that are available to students. Per the Ohio HIDTA website, their mission is to “reduce drug availability by creating intelligence-driven task forces aimed at eliminating, or reducing drug trafficking and its consequences.” Ohio HIDTA comes to Mercyhurst annually offering students internship opportunities, which may lead to full-time employment after graduation.

“With this internship, students work hands-on with analysts conducting tool analysis, social media analysis, geospatial analysis, link analysis, and dark web analysis,” said Kreeger.

Kreeger also adds that the Law Enforcement Intelligence Club is open to all students, and encourages students to join regardless of their discipline. 

“We try to invite many different career professionals from different fields to help engage students and help them to make networking connections,” said Kreeger. “If you are a member of the club, it is likely that you will find new interests of what you may like to pursue after graduation.”

The event was a success for all of those in attendance. If you were unable to make last night’s meetings, there will be more opportunities in the future to attend guest speaker panels hosted by the Law Enforcement Intelligence Club.