March Madness is always entertaining

Bella Lee, Staff Writer

Oh, it’s madness, alright. March Madness, that is. March Madness is easily the biggest sporting event that’s watched after the Super Bowl. Whether you pay attention to college basketball or not, everyone is eager to make their brackets and see how far they can go during this exciting and tumultuous time.I’m a sports nut. It’s undeniable.

As the only girl out of three brothers, it shocks everyone that I’m the only child that watches and pays attention to sports. I’m a die-hard fan of the Orioles, Capitals, and Commanders (still the Redskins to me), but I also love the Wizards and Spurs. As for any college sports, the D1 school that has my heart is Maryland.I was very sad when Selection Sunday rolled around and Maryland hadn’t made the cut. Back in 2020, Maryland was slated to be a 3 seed and had won the B1G championship; however, that was the year the COVID-19 decided to make its debut and thus, March Madness was canceled. However, Maryland made it all the way to the Sweet 16 before being eliminated in this year’s women’s tournament, so I’m happy for that.

Of course, no March Madness would truly complete without the upsets. Among this year’s upsets include 12 seed Richmond taking out 5 seed Iowa, 11 seed Iowa State eliminating 6 seed LSU and of course, 15 seed Saint Peter’s upsetting 2 seed Kentucky. Saint Peter’s has been this year’s unforgettable Cinderella story. After Kentucky, the Peacocks went on to defeat 7 seed Murray State, becoming the 3rd ever 15 seed to make it to the Sweet 16. To add to the shock, they continued their winning streak by taking down 3 seed Purdue, making Saint Peter’s the first ever 15 seed to make it to the Elite 8. UMBC, the last major Cinderella team, having shocked the world back in 2018 when the 16 seed Retrievers demolished the 1 seed Virginia, were among the many schools congratulating Saint Peter’s on their astonishing road to victory.

We’re now at the time where the Elite 8 games will happen. The first round of games saw Villanova and Duke emerge victorious over Houston and Arkansas, respectively. The second round is Miami vs. Kansas and Saint Peter’s vs. North Carolina. This will be followed by the Final Four games on April 2 and the championship game on April 4. March Madness is an extremely exciting time. The games are always thrilling, especially as we watch these kids that could possibly make their way to the NBA after their college time. I love March Madness, if that isn’t obvious. I already can’t wait for next year!