Campus housing is not always perfect

Frankie Divincenzo, Staff writer

One of the many trials and tribulations of entering college can be sharing a room with someone for the first time or sharing an apartment with someone who you do not know. It is hard to complain about the housing we live in because nobody goes to school for the housing or the food. I have lived in Mercy Apartments for three years now and I am not really satisfied. For example, during my freshman year all the dormitories would have events. However, during COVID things were a little different. They had less events, and there was a restriction on going to other peoples dorms which was difficult. Also, the Mercy Apartments seem to be separate from the rest of the campus almost like the three buildings are on another island. The housing situation can get very lonely, and in the past our resident advisors were not exactly helping the problem. Your RA is supposed to help you during tough times and make you feel less lonely in the dorms. But sadly not every RA seemed to get that memo. Even though living in an apartment is great and having a full kitchen is nice, this does not mean the place is perfect. Last year during the fall semester our apartment was infested with mold. No one remedied the situation until our parents got involved, so my roommate and I were living in mold for a very long time. It is very hard living in a different housing location than my friends because I am on the other side of campus. That being said, there are some benefits to living in certain dorms. My benefit is being right next door to the gym and the Student Union. But with good things come bad, as the Anchor Express inside of Ryan Hall is across campus, and it is not always easy trudging through snow to get milk for the week. Students have reported other problems about the housing on campus as well. Some common issues are having no air conditioning during the hot months and not having a full kitchen and refrigerator. Cost is another factor that comes into play. Would you rather pay the physical price of luxury or would you rather pay the mental price of having your apartment be rundown and not working properly? There is also the case of living with your best friend, which can alter or damage your friendship. Let’s be honest, the relationship can become strained if you do not know each others’ habits. Especially if they have the habit of never cleaning, or worse, not knowing how to clean. I think the decision you make when it comes to housing is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Don’t get me wrong, it is exciting living on your own and not living with your parents but it can also be extremely frightening as well. Do your best to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges that can come with on campus housing.