Autumn in Erie is highly underrated

Sydney Dietz, Sports editor

Growing up in Erie, I have always enjoyed the fall season. It is one of the prettiest seasons, especially when the leaves change color. Not only do I like fall because of how beautiful it can be, but I also enjoy many of the activities that keep me entertained during the season.My favorite part of fall is Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. Therefore, I personally love the spooky activities that are offered around Erie. As a young child, my absolute favorite part of fall was going to Zoo Boo every year. Zoo Boo is a Halloween event offered at the Erie Zoo and it is open at night for kids to go trick-or-treating. As I got older I started to enjoy haunted houses. Every year I would go to the haunted hayride at Sparrow Pond located on Peach Street going towards Waterford. While on the hayride, many scarers, monsters and clowns would jump and try to scare everyone in attendance. Although the hayride was fun, my personal favorite haunted house is Ghost Lake, 13 Levels of Fear. Ghost Lake is located in Conneaut Park, which is about 40 minutes away from Erie. However, this haunted house is worth the drive. There are 13 different haunted houses to walk through including a ride and the atmosphere puts you in the Halloween spirit. There are more attractions that are not as scary such as the haunted mini golf at the Adventures Erie at Lake Pleasant. I have gone mini golfing here on Halloween for two years in a row and each time I have had a very pleasant experience. Erie also offers many fall activities that do not involve Halloween. The best pumpkin farm to go to is Port Farms located in Waterford, PA. This is the biggest and most popular pumpkin farm and is great for a weekend afternoon. Port Farms includes a giant corn maze, hay barrels, bikes, a hayride, warm cider, slides, a box full of corn and so much more. It is perfect for families, kids, and even college students. Another great place to go is Mason Farms located on Peninsula Drive. Mason Farms has been a local business in Erie for many years. There is a little store inside that includes food and decorations. In addition to that store, they also sell flowers, pumpkins and gourds. There is a very creative display of painted pumpkins presenting different movie scenes along with a corn maze, petting zoo, and play area for kids. Mason Farms is not a whole day event, all you need is an hour at most there. If anyone wants to enjoy fall in Erie on a budget, there are many free activities offered as well. Frontier Park is a great place to go take a walk and see the leaves change colors along with Wintergreen Gorge in Harborcreek. Although Erie is mostly known for its sunny days on Presque Isle or the piles of snow that accumulate every winter, fall is a very underrated season in Erie. There are many activities to attend and so much to see and do. I am greatFALL for everything Erie has to offer during this season.