A howling Halloweekend

Samantha Weber, Editor in chief

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it, from dressing up to watching scary movies to eating lots of candy.This year, I only had two costumes; one was a cow and the other was Lavagirl from “Sharkboy and Lavagirl.” My boyfriend dressed up as Sharkboy so it was fun getting to do a couples costume. He bought an inflatable shark costume on Amazon and it was really funny to see it blown up. I DIYed my cow costume but it was really simple, all I had to do was paint the spots on a white shirt and call it a day. I also had a headband with cow ears on it to top it off. The costume came out great and it was really cute and comfortable.Coincidentally, my two friends dressed up as a cowgirl and a moon the same night so our costumes unintentionally went together. Obviously, a cow and a cowgirl go together but then we thought of the nursery rhyme where the cow jumped over the moon, so there is a picture of me jumping over my friend that is dressed up as the moon.We dressed up for the first time on Saturday night and had a pretty chill night. We just took some pictures, watched some Halloween movies, went on a Haunted Hurst tour and ended our night with a traditional late-night Anchor Express run. Earlier on in the day, I helped set up Haunted Hurst and decorate the campus for the spooky tours. This was a lot of fun because I got to bond with some of the MAC/SAC programmers that I have not really talked to much before. It was nice getting to know them better and watching them execute this great event that they worked so hard on.I loved going on a tour later in the night because I got to finally see all the decorations while it was dark out and it looked extra spooky. I am not a huge fan of scares and haunted houses, but I like going to this one every year. I also liked what they had available after the tour ended for those who attended. We ended up in the Student Union and were able to make some Halloween-themed slime. They had a lot of different add-ins that we could put in the slime like glitter and foam beads. There were even different scents that we could add to make them smell like fall.The other night that I dressed up was for actual Halloween on Monday. This is when I really went all out for Lavagirl. I had fake pink eyelashes, painted my nails hot pink, and then I even spray-painted my hair pink for the night. It is always so fun getting all dressed up and taking pictures on Halloween.On Monday we went to my friend’s house and just played lots of games and danced while listening to music. Since we did not have class on Tuesday I could stay up later because I could sleep in the next day and not have to wake up for my 8 a.m. class. One thing I wish I did do this Halloween was either paint or carve pumpkins. This is something that I always did when I was younger and I have not done it in a few years so it would be fun to get back to that.