Don’t be a grinch, let people celebrate early

Bella Lee, Staff writer

One of the most famous (or perhaps infamous) debates that occurs in the last quarter of the year is whether Christmas is celebrated too early. There are some people that hang up their decorations as soon as it hits November (my boyfriend’s college roommate would put up the Christmas tree the second it hit midnight on November 1st), while others wait until after Thanksgiving in an effort to acknowledge the holiday that falls in between Halloween and Christmas. Meanwhile, I just sit here with a bag of popcorn, laughing as I observe all of the chaos unfold. I am someone who fares towards the middle when it comes to all of this. I am okay with Christmas music blaring on the radio once November begins, but my family generally doesn’t decorate until after Thanksgiving, oftentimes not getting and decorating the tree until December or even a week before Christmas. That way, Thanksgiving can still be acknowledged but Christmas can be celebrated as early as possible. Just do not be like Hobby Lobby, where I have seen Christmas decorations be advertised as early as July or August. “Happy Hallothanksmas!” is what many folks say at this rate. With three major holidays occurring within two months of one another (four if you include the New Year), it is a lot to take in all at once. Therefore, I can understand why there are folks that are so adamant on separating every single holiday from one another. The same people that are upset that others begin celebrating Halloween in September are the same people that are upset that others begin celebrating Christmas in November. If this is the case, you would think that there would be more backlash for early Halloween celebrations like there are early Christmas celebrations. Therefore, I really ask one thing: why all the fuss? Why does there have to be such a battle over when people choose to celebrate Christmas? I understand that some things are really annoying (I am looking at you, “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey), but Christmas is known by many to be a very heartwarming holiday where people are able to spend precious time with their families and loved ones. Even for those that do not celebrate Christmas and instead celebrate holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, the latter months of the year remind us of how fortunate we are to have people around to love us and care for us, no matter what. To wrap things up, even though I think it is a bit much that people switch out the cobwebs for the fake snow the moment October becomes November, it really is not my place to judge, and it should not be anyone else’s place to judge either. This is the season for giving and caring, and it should be treated as such, instead of being judgmental about when people choose to bring out the mistletoe and wreathes. Just keep “All I Want for Christmas is You” away from me and we’re good.