Breathe in, finals week, breathe out, winter break

Christina Judy, Staff writer

Knowing that the stress of classwork and studying will come to a halt is a nice incentive to create the mental strength to finish out the year strong. With the stressful days that lie ahead in preparing for finals, it will be exciting to have the business of this academic semester end.I think this semester was wonderful in all the memories that were made and with having a long fall weather season. However, academics were really in full blast and the studying and coursework was constant. So, having the end of the semester nearby has felt like a relief. The ending of the fall semester is always highly anticipated because the holidays that follow are joy filled and relaxing. The winter break gives students an opportunity to spend time at home and reconnect with old friends. Although it is fun to be surrounded by people your age 24/7 on campus, it is equally nice to reminisce and recharge your social battery with your friends and family at home. The work and hustle that college demands can get exhausting after months of being in it, I am certainly glad that this semester is almost completed. Conversely, the end of this semester means there is one more semester behind me in college, which pushes me closer to the finish line, and that is definitely a scary thought. It’s easy to think that you will experience another Hurst Day or sports event that you wanted to go to when you are living in the chaos of the semester. But taking a step back goes to show that that kind of thinking is not valid. Circumstances could change very quickly and soon enough you realize that last Hurst Day was the last one you will experience as a college student. So, while it will be great to have schoolwork come to a temporary stop, it will also be sad to see all the good times turn into memories. The bright side of it being the ending of the fall semester means we get to look forward to the Spring semester, which typically gives good weather after a month or so and we get Spring break! The excitement of the holidays is starting to set in which makes completing the academic part of this semester challenging. Seeing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals was thrilling because it made me think about presents and being around my family very soon. All of the relaxing and destressing that Thanksgiving break gave made it difficult to re-adjust to the demands of finals preparation. While winter break is a time I am really looking forward to, I do not want to go through finals week to get there. Professors have a tendency to assign a ton of projects within the last two weeks of school on top of studying for exams and lab practicals.It takes a lot of will power to get through the last few weeks of school and that is why I am grateful that the end is near. In case you are sad about the ending of the semester there is no need to worry, we have another semester ready for when we get back!