Campus is not close enough to restaurants

Bella Lee, Staff writer

There are plenty of places on campus where students have the opportunity to have tasty meals.

If the Grotto or the 501 Grille does not have something you might like, you can still enjoy other great options such as the Roost or the Coffee Bar at the Bookstore.

However, when campus food becomes tiresome, what are some places off campus that students can go?

There are a few places that are within walking distance where students can get food if they are able to.

There is an Arby’s right across the street from the Lewis Apartments, which offers a quick option.

Additionally, the Cornerstone Bar and Grill, the home of many fun traditions such as Stone Wednesday. There is also a Tim Horton’s right behind the Stone where you can get breakfast if you have the time.

However, the main problem with this is that most other options that people enjoy for fast food, such a McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A, are further away, usually on Peach Street.

For those that have a car, this can still work for them, but there are still many students, such as freshmen or those that are from much further away, that do not have access to a car.

This means they often have to rely on services like DoorDash or Uber Eats. This can be very draining for a bank account, especially if a student does not have a steady source of income.

In short, there should be better options for students when it comes to restaurants outside of campus. MSG has already made a partnership with Uber that allows students to receive a nice discount whenever they need to travel to somewhere else in the town.

With that in mind, I believe that another service that students could greatly benefit from would be to receive a similar discount for food delivery services. Since delivery fees and taxes can stack up with orders, this could especially help students out.

For upperclassmen that have access to a kitchen, this could also apply to grocery delivery services such as Instacart.

While it is amazing that we have other services on campus to expand our options for getting meals like Swipe at Night and more recently Swipe a Bite, it is just as important that students have viable options off campus as well.

Students should have a variety of places, both on and off campus, that they can go to for a meal with friends or by themselves, but the options that are currently off campus are not enough.

It is also nice to be able to have ‘comfort’ food now and then that you might find at restaurants because the stress of school can be a lot sometimes.

Of course, simply building places would be a stretch, so for those that are not able to drive or do not have the funds, it would be smart to have a sort of discount program for Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, and similar services just as we do for Uber.