Women’s History Monthcelebrated throughout campus

Christina Judy, Staff writer

March is Women’s History Month. Started in the year 1987, the United States has been using the month of March to highlight the contributions of important women throughout history. Additionally, March 8 is International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievements of women across the globe.
Women’s History Month actually started as “Women’s History Week” in 1978, and as time went on it eventually expanded to a month-long celebration. It can be difficult to sum up all of the accomplishments made, and hardships women have overcome since the beginning of time, which is why it was extended.
March is used to reflect, appreciate, and honor all the strides that have been made toward equality and the women who have gotten the world to where it is today. Though, many women have made huge accomplishments that are recognized in March, it is also a time to celebrate the small victories of women in our daily lives.
Things like being a stay-at-home mom, women-owned small businesses, being the first woman in a family to graduate college, women in positions of power predominantly filled by men, and many more.
These may seem small, but some people work their whole lives to reach goals like this, and that is something that is definitely worth recognizing.
Women’s History Month is recognized nationwide, and here at Mercyhurst, the university has many ways of recognizing the significance of the month. Recently, there was a women’s trivia night hosted by the Mercyhurst Equality of Women (MEOW) club and the History Club.
All last week there was a menstrual products drive where people could donate products from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. in the Student Union. Tampons and pads are so expensive, yet they are necessities for half of the population, many do not realize how difficult it can be to afford these products every month, so this was a great way to help those in need and give back to the community.
Additionally, there are posters and boards spread throughout academic and residence hall buildings that highlight some important women in history. Just outside of Grotto there is a board set up that students are encouraged to take a look at to help educate themselves a little bit.
The Residence Life Instagram @hurstreslife is even doing weekly themed posts each week of March.
The first week was about crucial women in the Civil Rights Movement, the second week was about women in STEM and the third week is about supporting women-owned businesses in Erie. Go follow their account to see all the wonderful women they have posted about and what those women did to better the lives of others.
While the world has come a long way, the job is not finished yet.
There are a lot of inequalities that still remain. Obstacles such as the wage gap, the pink tax, and barriers to accessing healthcare—the list is long for women.
These are inequalities that are examined all year long, but especially in the month of March, to raise awareness of the issues women are facing in today’s society.
Mercyhurst was founded as a women’s college, and because of our heritage, gender equality is prevelant. Many clubs across campus have hosted events to show the impact women have had throughout history.
This Women’s History Month, people are encouraged to reflect on the struggles of women throughout history and appreciate the impacts they have made on the world.